Binh Duong

Area: 2,694.4 sq. km.
Population: 1,947.2 thousand habitants (2015).
Capital: Thu Dau Mot City.
Towns: Di An, Thuan An, Tan Uyen, Ben Cat.
Districts: Bau Bang, Bac Tan Uyen, Dau Tieng, Phu Giao.
Ethnic groups: Viet (Kinh), Khmer, Tay, Hoa.


Binh Duong is located in the south of Viet Nam. It is surrounded by Binh Phuoc to the north, Tay Ninh to the west, Dong Nai to the east, and Ho Chi Minh City to the south.

Binh Duong has bazan that is convenient for rubber and coffee trees; alluvial deposits region with many paddy and fruit gardens.The network of rivers and canals are complete with Dong Nai, Sai Gon, Be rivers...

Climate: There are two seasons: the dry season lasts from November to April next year, the rainy one lasts from May to October. The average annual temperature is 270C.


Lac Canh Dai Nam Van Hien Tourism Complex (Binh Duong Province)


Thu Dau Mot City has 300 year old history. It is on Saigon River bench and it belongs to important economic zone in the south: Ho Chi Minh City - Dong Nai - Ba Ria-Vung Tau. The province preserves famous traditional handicrafts such as pottery, lacquer, sculpture.

Binh Duong is located on northern gateway of Saigon and it used to have many long and fierce fightings in anti-American and French resistances.

And tourists can visit Lai Thieu Fruit Garden, which is well-known for durian, mangosteen, rambutan, To Nu jack-fruit, then upto Thu Dau Mot City and Dau Tieng Lake.

Besides that, Lady Thien Hau Pagoda, Chau Thoi Mountain Pagoda, Tuong Binh Hiep Lacquerware Painting Village, and Cau Ngang Tourist Area attracts many visitors every year.



Thu Dau Mot City is 30km from Ho Chi Minh City, 1,740km from Ha Noi, 129km from Tay Ninh and 40km from Dong Nai. National Roads 13 and 14 go through the province.

Tourists can access to Binh Duong from Sai Gon River or Mien Dong Bus Station (Ho Chi Minh City).


Kim Bang Hotel

Add: 22 Tran Phu St., Chanh Nghia Residence Zone, Thu Dau Mot City

Tel: (84-274) 3515 999

Huong Tram 2 Hotel

Add: Unit 4,5,6,7, Block C5, Hoang Van Thu St., Thu Dau Mot City

Tel: (84-274) 3831 822

Ngoc Sang Hotel

Add: 1/3B Tan Dong Hiep Ward, Di An Town

Tel: (84-274) 3752 110

Song Tra Hotel

Add: 31/63 Binh Duong Ave., Quarter 7, Phu Tho Ward, Thu Dau Mot City

Tel: (84-274) 3837 160

Ngoc Ly Hotel

Add: Khanh Long Quarter, Tan Phuoc Khanh Ward, Tan Uyen Town

Tel: (84-274) 3658 666

Dai Nam Van Hien Resort

Add: 1765A Binh Duong Ave., Thu Dau Mot City

Tel: (84-274) 3845 678/ 3845 878

An Loc Hotel

Add: 9J, St. D3, Hiep Thanh Ward, Thu Dau Mot City

Tel: (84-274) 3616 161

Huong Tram 1 Hotel

Add: 87A DT 745, Lai Thieu Ward, Thuan An Town

Tel: (84-274) 3755 569

Huong Tram 3 Hotel

Add: 133/1A Dong Tac Quarter, Tan Dong Hiep Ward, Di An Town

Tel: (84-274) 3751 520

Au Lac Hotel

Add: Unit 45, Block NP22, Street DA 1-2, Ben Cat Town

Tel: (84-274) 3687 979

Gold Star Hotel

Add: 37 Hùng Vương, Thu Dau Mot City

Tel: (84-274) 3855 582

Phi Long 2 Hotel

Add: 15/12 Le Hong Phong St., Thu Dau Mot City

Tel: (84-274) 3837 533

Din Ky Binh Nham Hotel

Add: No. 2/94, Binh Thuan Zone, Binh Nam Ward, Thuan An Town

Tel: (84-274) 3723 050

An Lam Retreat Saigon River Resort

Add: 21/4 Trung St., Vinh Phu Ward, Thuan An Town

Tel: (84-274) 3785 555

Loi Ve Hotel

Add: 104 Street GS 3, Dong Hoa Ward, Di An Town

Tel: (84-274) 6566 801

Cocos Hotel

Add: 735 My Phuoc Tan Van St., Thu Dau Mot City

Tel: (84-274) 3620 620

The Mira Hotel

Add: 555B Binh Duong Ave., Thu Dau Mot City

Tel: (84-274) 3678 888

Tran Long Hotel

Add: Unit 6-7, Uni Town Trade Zone, Thu Dau Mot City

Tel: (84-274) 2220 970

A+ Hotel

Add: 15/85 Ngo Gia Tu St., Thu Dau Mot City

Tel: (84-274) 3668 877

Saigon Park Resort

Add: 79/28 Binh Phuoc B, Thuan An Town

Tel: (84-274) 3710 082

Nhu Y Restaurant

Add: 333 Binh Duong Ave., Thu Dau Mot City

Tel: (84-274) 3823 604

May's Coffee

Add: 13 Ngo Quyen St., Thu Dau Mot City

Tel: (84-274) 3820 134

Thuy Linh Coffee

Add: 126/3 Ngo Quyen St., Thuan An Town

Tel: (84-274) 3743 319

Din Ky Cau Ngang Restaurant

Add: 2/94 Binh Thuan St., Binh Nham Commune, Thuan An Town

Tel: (84-274) 3723 050

Dai Hoa Vien Restaurant

Add: 11A Binh Duong Ave., Thuan An Town

Tel: (84-274) 3718 888 / 3718 789

Hoang Cung Quan Restaurant

Add: 45A Tran Binh Trong St., Thu Dau Mot City

Tel: (84-274) 3500 122

Kim Dung Restaurant

Add: 28 Binh Duong Ave., Thu Dau Mot City

Tel: (84-274) 6290 140

Lang Am Thuc Restaurant

Add: 343 Binh Duong Ave., Thu Dau Mot City

Tel: (84-274) 3811 418

Restaurant 99

Add: 99 quatier Hung Tho, commune Hung Dinh, town Thuan An

Tel: (84-274) 3720 118

Banh beo My Lien

Add: 188A Thanh Hoa A Zone, An Thanh Townlet, Thuan An Town

Tel: (84-274) 3827 144

Coffee Roma

Add: Binh Duong Avenue, Thuan An Town

Tel: (84-274) 3716 281

Hai Thanh Restaurant

Add: 7 Nguyen Chi Thanh St., Thu Dau Mot City

Tel: (84-274) 3887 640

Kien Hoanh Restaurant

Add: 168 Binh Duong avenue, Thuan An Town

Tel: (84-274) 3756 230

Ngan Dinh Quan Restaurant

Add: Rd. S1, My Phuoc 2 Industrial Zone, Ben Cat Dist.

Tel: (84-274) 3553 777

Vista Binh Dương Restaurant

Add: Highway 13, Binh Hoa, Thuan An Town

Tel: (84-274) 3769 697 / 3769 753

Am thuc 18E Restaurant

Add: 58 Binh Duong avenue, Thu Dau Mot City

Tel: (84-274) 3898 986/ 3898 987